CryptoSphere is the first online ecosystem which addresses every aspect of blockchain technology
and cryptocurrency. We provide an active and honest community providing our members with News,
Educational Courses, Coin Market Capitalizations, Token Sales and much more.

Our Features

CryptoSphere strives to be the leading news, media, and information service provider for the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industry. Our goal is to deliver news, educate members and connect the world through our online community.
Founded in May 2017, CryptoSphere captures a large amount of unique visitors throughout our Website, Twitter, Facebook, Blog and LinkedIn platforms. CryptoSphere has over 10,000 followers in our community!

Our news platform provides our visitors to both free and paid content, events, regulatory information and tax information. Our platform is a cross between both organic content and aggregated news from the other reputable online sources – keeping our users informed on every move in the world of cryptocurrency and
blockchain technology.

Our Live Cryptocurrency Market Listing is designed to deliver our members with a real-time updated price listing of each cryptocurrency and token on all of the largest exchanges. The market listing offers a “Watch This” feature which also allows our registered members to automatically add an infinite amount of coins to their personal watchlist. In addition to the “Watch This” feature, members can set up audible alerts to inform them of a coin’s performance.
The purpose of this feature is to keep our members informed and up-to-date with all of their favorite cryptocurrencies using our unique filtering options which allow our members to sort by exchange(s) to display the most accurate prices of their investments.

* Some features not available in our Beta Version

Our ICO Listing platform provides our members with a comprehensive list of current and upcoming crowd-sales and ICO’s/ITO’s.
Prior to listing an ICO, a CryptoSphere team member will conduct rigorous research and analysis to ensure that each project is verified and legitimate.
Listing ICO’s or ITO’s on our platform is quick, easy and does not imply an endorsement of the project. A low fee will be assessed to list the ICO. Our ICO Platform is intended to serve as an informational resource and a starting point for our members to immerse themselves in the most cutting edge, revolutionary projects available.
Simply put, CryptoSphere’s platform makes it easy for you to learn and get involved with the most innovative platforms in the market.

* Some features not available in our Beta Version

The CryptoSphere Educational platform will deliver the best free and paid online courses to our students and members. The platform also serves as a unique resource for businesses to develop and recruit Blockchain and Cryptocurrency talent.
We anticipate a partnership between Udemy, Coursera and Cryptocurrency Certifying Organizations such as the “CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium”

Verified Course Instructors will also have the ability to accept Crypto as a form of payment for their courses or take an instant specified payout amount (i.e $20, $50, $100, $200)

* Some features not available in our Beta Version

The social community we provide allows our members to openly discuss past, present and future events, trending tropics, market valuations and virtually anything related to cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. Each of our members has the ability to create a free profile – unlocking features such as customization, posting, sharing watch-lists, monitoring their own portfolios and more.

* Some features not available in our Beta Version

In 2019, we will offer an decentralized exchange which will offer all of your favorite cryptocurrencies, tokens and most importantly – your trading tools! 
Integrated with our platform, our exchange will give you access to every resource available, ensuring that you maximize your investments.

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